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Статус проекта: ЗАВЕРШЕННЫЕ


The house is formed in a very strong “L” shape, embracing the garden with the pool outside towards the southern east side where it opens up with big glass doors. The western side of the building though, is closed without any openings at the main road, so that visual and sound, protection can be provided and at the same time the house is being protected from the western sun.

The entrance room, the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and a working place, are situated on the ground floor. The bedrooms and a shaded veranda with a view to the sea are situated on the first floor. The storing areas as well as the engine room are located in the basement.

The house is characterized by a flexible, modern architecture of simple and clear forms and with its transparent elements, develops a dialog with the outer area. The house was designed in that way so that the transition from the interior to the exterior can be accomplished without any obstacles. The internal area can be easily expanded out to the external. The presence of the green wall near the long side of the pool, not only landmarks the external area but the internal as well. This automatically creates the impression that the inner space of the house spreads out to the pool.

The typology of the “L” shape with the enclosed, inside courtyard refers to the traditional architecture where the outside area needs to be “protected” from any external “intruders” of the personal life, ensuring the privacy of the living place.

Client: Andreas Roumbas
Structural Engineer: HYPERSTATIC ENG. DESIGN
M+E Engineers: MELTEC
Photographs: © Christos Papantoniou