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Расположение: PAPHOS
Статус проекта: СОРЕВНОВАНИЯ

Architectural Competition for the new Town Hall of Paphos Municipality - HONOURABLE MENTION


The competition aims at the reconstruction of all the dispersed services which are now housed in various buildings in the city in a building that could be described as the “Church of the City”. The proposed composition:

- Organizes the spaces in an orderly ergonomic building where meetings are organized, formal or informal, encouraging human approach.
- Emphasizes the 'open' nature of the meetings, creating a similar hybrid space that functions as an interchange, left to cultural events and right to offices.
- Proposes a connecting area between the present road and the existing church where the probability of encounter, coexistence and communication between users, citizens, pedestrians, or others are the ingredients that stimulate the human touch.
- Acts as a "social condenser".
As indicated by the organization's building program, the two sections, the office one and that of cultural activities, compose a larger body: the complex that will house the “Church of the City”. This coupling can not be mechanical, a simplistic joining of opposites, but the organic synergy between the parts that compose the whole. Without the intermediate, the two extremities lose their identity, and the whole becomes an amorphous, uniform, lifeless mass. With the dynamic and organic existence of edges in the middle, the possibility of coexistence and communication between the parties is created, i.e. the components of a healthy society.

The proposed composition reflects the order of this relationship between the seemingly more Doric, arsenic, reasonable and stable office space, the seemingly more ionic, feminine, emotional, cultural area, and the hybrid intermediary space. Hence the two building volumes may have different shapes, but they are made of the same material, while the seemingly more balanced 'static' office volume is supported literally by the most dynamic, free-volume housing the cultural activities.
The distribution of the areas has been based on the program given and by who are the users, officials or guests of the various offices. Thus, the Directorate is on the second floor along with the Department of the Secretariat and the Finance Department. On the first floor there is the Department of Technical Services since it needs to be more accessible to the public, while at the ground floor there is the Cultural Office, the Office of International and Public Relations and offices from other departments that are required to be at the ground floor. On the ground floor the spaces for cultural activities are located as well.